The ASU Micromachining Laboratory specializes in fabricating terahertz frequency waveguide components using tools as small as 25 microns in diameter. Our Kern Micro model 44 micromilling center is capable of holding tolerances of +/- 1 micron. In addition to providing this capability for our own research, we also do contract machining for academic and industrial customers around the world.

Micromachining Center Summary (PDF)



Specification Value
On the part accuracy +/- 1.0 um
Measurement accuracy +/- 1.0 um
Surface Finish (Ra) <0.1 um
Minimum feature size (x-y) 10 um
Minimum feature depth 5 um
Maximum feature aspect ratio 10:1
Split block alignment +/- 2.5um
Minumum radius of curvature 10 um
Machine work volume 300mm x 280mm x250mm


Job Type Design


Run Time
Internal ASU $76/hr $52/hr $20/hr
External Collaborative $116/hr $79/hr $76/hr
External Commercial $130/hr $86/hr $80/hr


For more information, contact Dr. Christopher Groppi.