Cryogenic Wideband Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNA)

We are developing extremely wide band, ultra-low noise, cryogenically cooled amplifiers operating at radio- and microwave frequencies. Each LNA is hand-crafted and individually tested at room and cryogenic temperatures (4-10 K). The LNA design is based on SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBT) which provide exceptionally low noise-figures at cryogenic temperatures with low power dissipation and consisent performance from unit to unit.


Model Number Bandwidth (GHz) Gain (dB) @ 10 K Voltage (V) @ 10 K Current (mA) Data Sheet Pricing ($)*
ASU-LN1 .5 3.0 35 1.3 6.7 PDF 2500
ASU-LN2 .01 2.0 30 1.55 7.55 PDF 2500

*Bulk discounts provided.

Special Order Requests

Job Type Design Labor
Internal ASU $76/hr $52/hr
External Collaborative $116/hr $79/hr
External Commercial $130/hr $86/hr

In addition to their high performance, our LNA's are competitively priced and can be fabricated quickly depending on customer needs. Direct further questions to Hamdi Mani.